How to Use Psychology in Marketing

What factors into someone making a decision to purchase with your brand or company?

Things like experiences, reputation, and familiarity all are common decision-making factors for most consumers, but what if you are just starting out and have none of those?

If you’re coming from that perspective, then how can we create scenarios that build environments of higher trust and communication at the psychological level?

There was a study done by Dr. Robert Cialdini, a Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University, where he examined the donation process of the American Cancer Society. With their normal door to door routine, employees would ask “would you be willing to help by giving a donation?” As a test, the phrase “every penny will help” was added to the end of that statement.

It may seem like a small change, but it nearly doubled conversions. It showed that nearly 50% of people were willing to donate if they heard “every penny will help”, as opposed to the normal phrase where only 28% donated. That’s nearly double!

By clarifying that even a penny helps, people are more comfortable with donating what they can instead of feeling like they need to say no if they can’t donate larger amounts.

Dr. Cialdini mentions in his study that it is important to analyze why people say “no”, instead of only looking at the why they say “yes”. An idea that can be used no matter what business you are in.

If you want to effectively communicate a message, it needs to be more than just putting an ad in front of your target market. You can do some research and find why your target market says “no”. Take that and show them why they can still say yes to you.

Know one ever knows the right answer without trying, so it is always important to test. Change words, change colors, change placements. You never know, you could be one word away from the jackpot.

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